6/9 gifs per episode • 6x12
“i remember from last time people got killed, people that didn’t know you. i know where it’s safest for me and alphie and that’s right next to you. you always win, you always survive.”

6/9 gifs per episode • 1x02
"the end of the earth. it’s gone, and we were too busy saving ourselves, no one saw it go. all those years, all that history, and no one was even looking."

6/9 gifs per episode • 6x10 
"You told her to leave us a sign. And she did. She waited."

6/9 gifs per episode • 2x10
"sweet maybe, passionate i suppose, but don’t ever mistake that for nice"

6/9 gifs per episode • 4x12
"Why don’t you ask her yourself?"